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Benefits of RD Scan Inc.

Major Rig Costs Savings

As the clock ticks, money is slipping away every moment the well is down. The ScanNex system helps minimize well downtime and minimizes workover costs. Taking the following factors into account translates into major rig cost savings.

  • Since there is no warm-up or calibration times needed at the well site, our highly trained personnel can set up quickly upon arrival at the job site.
  • The ScanNex unit is light enough for two people to handle and therefore, there is no need for a picker truck to lift the unit. However, different safety criteria may apply in your company or country, please check with the authorities and the oil or gas field operator. The scanner is easily lifted onto the tubing by the rig’s hoist line. Rig-in and rig-out times are typically less than 10 minutes and sometimes even less than 5 minutes. Furthermore, rig-in times are the same regardless if on vertical wells or high angle wells.
  • The ScanNex scanners are self-centralizing which means that the rig does not have to stop for realignment and recalibration.

Further Benefits of Using RD Scan Inc.

Since RD Scan Inc. is a single man operation out of a ¾ ton pick-up truck, this reduces congestion on the well site. Also, fewer people involved means less risk of an incident/accident.

We are able to scan 2⅜, 2⅞ , 3½, 4½, and 5½ inch tubulars (joints) containing fluid, sanded joints, inner lined tubing, and hardened and boronized joints.

Individual tubings are colour coded according to API (American Petroleum Institute) standards classification. A computer-generated coloured well profile report is provided at the well site allowing the supervisor to implement immediate corrective changes in the tubing string if necessary. Other relevant information gathered at the time of scanning such as the number of burnt threads and double collars are also provided on the reports.

We specialize in providing the best possible on-site inspection service, period. We do not sell tubulars nor do we profit from trucking of tubings and therefore, there cannot be any conflict of interest. There is complete unbiased grading of the tubing.

Another major benefit of using RD Scan Inc. is our customers' access to our unique Management Information System (MIS) together with our on-site well profile report. These reports are excellent tubing string management tools that help oil companies manage production wells effectively and efficiently by:

  • Being able to identify problem areas which can be addressed:
    • Extending the useful life of the tubing string, which maximizes the tubular investments.
    • Minimizing unexpected rupture of the tubulars. Predicting tubing life minimizes unscheduled well downtime.
  • Being able to make comparisons of various programs such as well type, rod type, pump speeds etc.