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About Us

Data Management

RD Scan Inc. is a leader in utilizing computer-based technologies for it’s operational and management functions. All information acquired at the well-site is immediately stored in a database on onboard computers. This data is then transmitted via wireless network to our data center computers. Since there is no manual transcription of data, the data is accurate and readily available.

On-site computer-generated reports are available within minutes of job completion! RD Scan’s ability to effectively utilize computer-based technologies produces efficient, accurate and rapid service for our customers.

RD Scan Inc. allows customers to access their data easily and securely from our database warehouse. We have developed specialized Management Information System (MIS) reports for our customers, which facilitate management decision making. These reports are excellent tubing string management tools that help oil companies manage production wells effectively and efficiently by:

  • Being able to identify problem areas which can be addressed, thereby:
    • Extending the useful life of the tubing string, which maximizes the tubular investments.
    • Minimizing unexpected rupture of the tubulars. Predicting tubing life minimizes unscheduled well downtime.
  • Being able to make comparisons of various programs such as well type, rod type, pump speeds etc.