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Cost Analysis

On-site scanning has numerous cost-saving advantages over other methods for ensuring tubing integrity.

Costs Associated with Off-Site Inspections

  • Increase public pressures concerning large volumes of heavy traffic on public roads.
  • Increase manpower and costs associated with trucking.
  • If the whole tubing string is sent off-site for inspection, then another whole string is needed to put down the well. Therefore, there is a great increase of tubing inventory required.
  • Tubulars which are graded as green (31-50% wear according to API standards) at an off-site location are seldom returned to be put down a well thereby increasing the number of replacement tubulars needed. However, if scanned at the well site, in many cases these same tubings can be strategically placed within the tubing string thereby extending the useful life span of the tubings.
  • There is an increase rig time needed to lay down a whole string of tubing and to pickup a whole string thereby increasing rig costs. Also, there is an increase risk of an incident/accident occurring from having to manhandle such an increase in tubing volume.
  • As a whole there is a higher inspection cost per meter of tubing involved in rack inspection than on-site scanning from RD Scan Inc.
  • The tubings from a particular well and possibly many wells are mixed among themselves at an off-site facility. As such, there is no direct indication of wear patterns in the wells which otherwise could be immediately addressed after examining RD Scan Inc.’s on-site well profile reports.

Costs Associated with Pressure Testing the Tubing String

  • Pressure truck costs.
  • In a worn tubing string, the worst tubing will burst after which the tubing string will be pulled to remove that particular tubular. The other tubings will then be put back down the well and the pressure testing process will be repeated until all the tubing holds a desired amount of pressure. The repeated pulling out the string to replace one bad tubular at a time will undoubtedly increase thread wear upon which an otherwise good tubular would have to be replaced due to bad threads. Furthermore, there would be a great increase in rig time and hence, cost, required to do this process.
  • There may also be an increase cost if a vacuum truck is needed. If so, then rig time and cost also increase.