RD Scan



To our esteemed clients,

On March 18, 1998, RD Scan did its first on-site scanning service with one truck in Bonnyville, Alberta. We were passionate about our business and the one truck service quickly became 2 trucks and then, as the saying goes, the rest is history. However, during the past 25 years it was not always easy, actually it never was, we had to overcome the growing pains of a young inexperienced company learning from our mistakes. We also went through a few up and down cycles involving oil recessions, curtailments, a pandemic, companies’ shifting priorities and economic crises that caused us to adjust and severely reset expectations. But we have endured and will continue to persevere and overcome the challenges that lay ahead.

Much of RD Scan’s success is due to the level of professional care from our current and former field operators who have and continue to deliver world class on-site scanning services. They play a very important role in the continuing development of our company. RD Scan is proud and indebted to our team.

In 2007, RD Scan expanded its operations internationally. RD Scan continues to have some of its first clients as well as new local and international clients. We thank present and past clients for trusting our business to provide service excellence. Your feedbacks throughout the years have challenged us to improve vigorously to deliver the best possible on-site tubing scanning services.

As we strive to provide cutting edge technology, we will continue to do Research and Development to honour our commitment to serving you, our valued clients, with excellence for years to come. Your total satisfaction has been and will continue to be our utmost priority!


Roger and Daniel Beaunoyer